A Prayer for the President

When I first heard that Trump was seriously considering seeking the Republican nomination, I had grave concerns about the possibility of him becoming President. I did not vote for him in the primary or in the general election. He’s been President of the United States for just over a week, and many of my fears are being confirmed. Part of that is because I strongly disagree with some, but not all, of his early actions and future agenda, especially with the way they are being implemented. Part of that is because I am deeply grieved by the tone of the national conversation surrounding his actions. I find myself avoiding all news articles because it seems like everything is strongly slanted one way or the other. I don’t know how to respond to anything because I am having trouble seeing clearly through all the fear and anger around me.

While I was praying last night, I opened up the Bible and came across Psalm 72. This prayer was from Solomon, when he was king of Israel. As I read it, I shifted thoughts to our current political situation and used it to form a prayer for the President. At first glance, it seems that the President’s agenda is at odds with everything King Solomon was seeking. I pray that his heart and mind will be changed.

I am going to pray this prayer daily for the next 30 days as I try to wrap my head around what is going on in the United States. Will you pray it with me?

A Prayer for President Trump

O God, give President Trump Your judgments and Your righteousness
May he judge the people with righteousness
And the afflicted with justice.

Let the mountains bring peace to the people,
And the hills, in righteousness.
May he vindicate the afflicted of the people,
Save the children of the needy
And crush the oppressor.

Let them fear You while the sun endures.
And as long as the moon, throughout all generations.
May he come down like rain upon the mown grass,
Like showers that water the earth.
In his days may the righteous flourish,
And abundance of peace till the moon is no more.

May he deliver the needy when they cry for help,
The afflicted also, and him who has no helper.
May he have compassion on the poor and needy,
And the lives of the needy he will save.
May he rescue their lives from oppression and violence,
And their blood be precious in his sight.

So may he live and prosper;
And let them pray for him continually;
Let them bless him all day long.


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