If I had to choose only If I had to choose only one word to describe myself, it would be student.

According to dictionary.com, a student is:

  1. a person formally engaged in learning, especially one enrolled in a school or college; pupil: a student at Yale.
  2. any person who studies, investigates, or examines thoughtfully: a student of human nature.

I happen to be a student in both senses of the word.

I returned to college last year to pursue a long-time dream of becoming a licensed therapist. I am currently completing a degree in Health Psychology. Then I will continue to be a formal student in grad school, so I will continue being a formal student for several more years. I love school. Textbook lists and syllabi excite me. I’m a nerd, and I am no longer embarrassed to admit that.

I am a student in the other sense also: I study, investigate and examine thoughtfully in a number of different areas. I am always reading at least one non-fiction book, usually more. I read blogs. I look up things online. I read academic journals. Yes, when I was a child, I would read the encyclopedia and the dictionary. I used to think that it was mostly that I loved reading. I do. That is true. More than that, though, I love learning.

I am a student of psychology, philosophy, and culture. I am a student of motherhood, parenting, and adoption & foster care. I am a student of marriage and intimacy. I am a student of relationships. I am a student of mental and emotional well-being and health. I am a student of shame, trauma, and hope. I am a student of experiences and lessons learned the hard way. I am a student of myself. I am a student of the Scriptures, the church, and theology. If something sparks my interest, I want to know more, so I look it up. My interests are varied, but they mostly center on how to promote the well-being of myself and others.

I want to write for others, but at this time in my life, I mostly write for myself. I write to integrate and make sense of my thoughts. I share things here that I think I need to say out loud to someone and not just keep to myself.

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